During the course of the programme, all  personnel are taught the basics of sailing with hands-on practical experience and theoretical examinations, all individuals are put in positions of watch leadership, as well as working as a team (crew). At the end of the 5 day trips each individual is given the opportunity to qualify as ‘Competent Crew’ accredited through Royal Yachting Association (RYA). This qualification is seen within sailing as a level entry qualification for beginners, who would like to become active crew members rather than just passengers.

Throughout the trip students are assigned team building and leadership tasks to accomplish.  These can be aligned to  corporate objectives, and supported by: leading and being part of the watch / crew, entering and exiting a berth, night watches, navigation, changing sails, preparing meals and  building a cannon capable of firing a projectile out to sea or a jet boat. Using sail training yachts from the Discovery Sailing Project as part of an innovated corporate training platform.


Students work towards a train the trainer ethos, deciding and executing plans, developing towards a competent crew standard


A safe place to learn by mistakes is important and with a competent afterguard to monitor everyones progress, real time feed back is continuous throughout the voyage be it 2 days or a week.

Team work – an adventure

A yacht is an interesting tool, without a team and  strong direction, it simply wont go. The better the team and leadership, the faster the boat goes!! By the time the students come back, a potential race crew is in the making, where even the quietest and most introvert individual will turn into a confident sea dog!!